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Welcome to Our New Wiki!

Beloved Wiki Assignment
This is an online space that will allow us to take some collective notes over the novel as we read it.
You will need to update three wiki pages each week.
You may choose to add notes about:
Character Time Lines
Narrative Techniques
(The specific topics are listed under pages and files at the top, or in the list to the right)

To add a note to a wiki page:
1. Go to Pages & Files
2. Filter by “Pages” or “Tags” (Imagery, Motifs, etc.) on the right if you choose
3. Choose the page you wish to update, and click on it
4. Click Edit, on the upper right, and edit it just as you would any word document
5. Use bullets, Hardcover/Paperback, Book (1,2, 3), Section #, and Page #’s for each note you add